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  • Hi I own a production house in North America, most of my employees are 2ed or 3ed generation, I have observed that my production house has become a high cost once in the last couple of years, resulting in significant decrease in profits, my consultant advice to shift the production house to Vietnam to reduce cost centre, this is going to help me a lot but what about my current employees there are a few business ethics i believe, what to do?
  • I have just completed my graduation and have just joined a consultant, we have a new client onbord for which my boss asked to call a competitor and pose as a graduate student to gather some information, I am a consultant not a graduate student !!! what about ethics?
  • I am in the last part of my graduation, have already been taught about business ethics, but is lying a piece of ethics, during any summer training I had gone to a business meet where post the completion of the meet all the people were thanking the organizer for the lovely food and meet, where as later they were discussing amongst themselves for the bad food and boarding discussion.
  • HI I have often head that good poker players turn out to be learners in business propositions and vice versa, as poker is a game of deceptiveness but what about business ethics, is being deceptive a good ethic.
  • I have just a few weeks left for the completion of my grad. But I want to learn good business ethics prior associating with any organization, my question is where can I go for this?
  • I have done a PHD in Philosophy and want to join a good consulting firm. Am not sure that any of these organizations have a separate division on business ethics.


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