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  • I have just come out of school and want to do a specialization in HR what is the biggest position I can obtain doing this?
  • I am a girl who just sat for an interview of HR in which the interviewer asked me the question on my age when I graduated, I had read somewhere that asking age during interview is not a good practice of HR Management, is that correct?
  • I have just got married and looking for a job change, during all the 5 interviews given for this the HR mangagement person was always keen to ask for the plans of expansion of family, why dose this always happens with girls?
  • I have lost one of my leg in an accident am using an artificial one since, I have been disqualified 3 times during my HR management session for jobs coz of the disability, is that legal ?
  • Hi I am Alla I have heard that the most important question during the HR management session is "tell me something about yourself", can someone tell me how to handle this.
  • me and my friend Jon started a consultancy post the completion of our HR management now I am looking for other ventures thus want to sell my share of the business intrusted people please contact


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