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  • I am running a small leather factor in Boston, and pay my labour hourly wage, Do I need to pay them compensation as well if they work more than 40 hours per week? How should I decide the compensation
  • One of my workers got injured while working, he got severe injury on his hand, how should I decide on the compensation that I need to pay him
  • I had a claim on the workers compensation in Wisconsin, my final hearing is scheduled, I got partially disabled while working in the factory, and I was the only earning member in my family, what is the maximum compensation which I can get from the factory?
  • I have a child who is only a month old, I need to find a job from where I can cover my child care cost, the company I was working before my delivery gave me child care compensation for few weeks, but the company has refused to pay compensation further. what do I do?
  • I want to claim my workers compensation as I had a wrongful termination from the place I was working, my appeal has been denied, how should I claim
  • Is there a minimum amount of compensation along with the benefits that I need to pay to my workers if I am running a factors of 100 people


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