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Our Business experts answer questions on Electronic Customer such as:

  • Hi! I am running a business in Florida, I have a junk of customer data base, I want to have a adequate electronic customer data with which I can attarct them
  • Hey, I am operating website for selling and purchasing property, I want to use social networks to attract customers, please help me in alligning an advertisment for attarcting the electronic customer
  • My name is Jazz, I am running an interior consulting firm, I am building a database of my customers, please help me in electronic customer database and consumer data management
  • hay! I am Scot, I want to have a proper electronic database of customer, please help me with that so that I can manage my data.
  • My name is Andy, I am operating an online website where I sell and purchase different products to the consumers in US, I have to build a strong electronic customer database, I want to know which software or database I need to have for it.


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