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  • Hi! I am running a small business of grocery shop, I have some regular customers, I want to give them different offers for which I need to have proper customer management, please help me with that
  • I am running an organization of 400 people and have customers across the US, I am into online business, please help me in proper customer management so as to I am able to retain my customers better
  • My name is Lula, I want to know a proper customer management tool with which I am able to analyze the retention and repetiton of the customers who visit my shop, please help me with this
  • I have a junk of papers where I invoice all my customers, I need to have a proper consolidated customer management report, please help me with that
  • Hi! I am facing different issues pertaining to customer complaint and service, I request you to please help me in handling the issues, I want to retain my customers, for which I will be able to have adequate customer management


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