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  • after having a successful carrier of 3 years as a developer I am looking to do a PMP certification in IT Project Management where can I find nuggets to do a training for the same
  • I am handling an IT project and I am facing different issues in project management which pertains to the activities and team allignment, please help me in resolving it
  • My name is Alex, I am working as a project manager in Acer, I am facing the deviation from the deadline of the project that has been assigned to me, I am on verge of being fired, I need to give a report on the reasons of the deviation in the project management, please help me, i will provide you all the details of the project
  • I want to close my project within 20 days, I am facing different issues in respect to project management which are particularly for team conflict please help me in resolving the conflict
  • I have been negotiating with an organization on a project management, the project needs to be outsourced and there are different aspects which includes the project duration and working, please help me in preparing the outline for the project management
  • I am working as a system analysis in a company, wherein I have been given a task to prepare a presentation on project management, I really need help in preparing the presentation so as to have adequate and best results in front of the management


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