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  • Hi! I want to decide my business corporate strategy, I want to know which strategy should I go for which will give me highest market coverage
  • My question is pertaining to diversification corporate strategy, I am currently having a small retail outlet of food and grocery shop in Oakland, I am wanting to adopt a diversified corporate strategy, please help me in deciding the corporate strategy
  • My name is Julie, I am running a small business in Miami, it deals with swim dresses, I want to allign a new corporate strategy for my business which will help me in gaining market coverge. Please advice
  • Hi! My name is Massley, I am confused that whether I should go for merger and acquisition or related diversification with which I will eb able to redesign my corporate strategy to attarct more business and expand in new markets
  • Me Musy, wants to design a corporate strategy for which I need the proper business planning support, I have interior designing business, can you please help me with this


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