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  • Hi! I am presently working as a housewife, I am wanting to open a Garden business as I have keen interest in it. The bank has asked me to prepare a business plan. Please help me with preparing Business Plan
  • I am Zeen, I am a interior designer and want to register my business and need bank loan for expanding my business, the bank needs business plan to pass it. Please help
  • I want to open a Indian Restaurant in California, the bank needs my business plan and future plans of business, Please help me in preparing it. I can give you all my personal details. Please help
  • I have a budgeted business plan where I can invest $350000 to start a business. I want to start my business, for which I need a business plan. I need guidelines for it
  • Hi! I am kate, I have made a tentative business plan of a boutique, but I am not sure whether it will pass my loan, please can you guide me
  • My name is Cassey, I want a support for my business plan of restaurant which I want to start in Boston, I want to do market study as well as expected sales report. Please help me with my business plan.


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