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  • Hi! I am Rose, I have different records in my company of different customers, I want to have a software which will help me in proper records management of the customers
  • My name is Ruby, my company has about 200 employees, there is a massive HR data pertaining to their personal details, I want to have this records management done, can anyone assist
  • I am using excel in maintaining my records, but I do not think that I can have a self generated records management report from the excel, please advice me what should I do so as to have a self generated report of records management.
  • My organization is established in Denver, I receive data from different branches across the market, I want to have a complied records of all my branches for which I use computer software for records management, but I am not satisfied, please help me with compiling the data
  • I would like to view a model which helps me through  the presentation of Records Management. Please let me know if you can help and I will provide the rest of the information. I will need this by Monday! This is the final project called Records Management Presentation.


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