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  • I am looking forward for starting my own business, but I'm quite stumped on the types of businesses I could start. I would like to be practical and I possess a lot of technical skills. I won't mind risk/danger.
  • I have an savings of $450000 and I want to start a business in Texas, I do not know the proceedings and type of business I can go for please help
  • I and my business partner are planning to open an Italian restaurant. We are in the process of writing a business plan but online it always tell us to write it "for the right audience"
  • I just initiated a business which is not doing well. I haven't done a lot to advertise since is expensive. What amount does my new business need to rely on advertising?
  • My business is a high volume low margin business and I need software for my sales management, produce invoices, etc.
  • I have recently started my own business of building PC's. What Are the steps to registering my business to access to wholesalers? And what's the cost to register?

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