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  • Hi! I have a business of oil, it goes through lot of jobs and processes, I am specticle that what costing method shoul I use? Job costing or process costing
  • I am Angelena, I have just been appointed in an organization which deals in ship breaking business. Initially I used to work on simple costing, here I have to deal with job costing. I am dicy how to proceed with the work. I need to work on this, please help
  • Hi!, My name is Jolly, I am running a shop in Antanio, my company has lot of jobs which are done on a single product to finish it. There are 5 different jobs. Do I need to make my accounts on all the jobs or only one job costing sheet will be fine?
  • I have a business in UK my headquarter, it has a small branch in US as well, there are different jobs done at both the places, I need to compile the job costing for both the places, I am stuck in merging both the costs because of difference in value and currency, please help
  • I am Rocky, I have a business of hardware and furniture in Phoenix, I do not know how to do the accounting of it. Should I go for job costing or process costig? Please help me
  • Hi! I have a retail outlet where all the accounts are done by a hired CPA, I was just going through the accounts and found some discrepancies in the job costing accounting. How do I check its appropriateness? Please advice


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