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  • Job of Merchandising operation analyst is very tough and I need help of somone to answer the question that whether I can enter purchase of furniture in the purchase register, I am operating a stationery shop.
  • Hi, I have a problem regarding merchandising operation. Last month I went to my bank for a loan to support my business, the bank asked to me to present the stock statement prepared on perpetual basis for last month. I am unable to understand what does perpetual inventory statement means. Can anyone tell me the meaning of the same..
  • How can I build a supply chain in my organization, I am runnig a shoe manufacturing business. I have 50 employees in my factory and 5 huge machines, every month I pay $10,000 for quality check which is of no use as it takes 5 people full time for checking the quality of the shoes produced. I want to establish such a system of merchandising, so that i need not hire so many employees to check the quality of the goods manufactured.
  • Which is better a higher inventory turnover ratio or lower inventory ratio in textile business as per merchandising rules
  • As per merchandising rules what is the value at which I must record the purchases.


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