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  • Hi! I am Vincet, I have made my fianancial reports in US GAAP, but with the convergence, my company wants IFRS filings against the same. Do I need to change the whole financial statements?
  • Hi! I am Athens, Can anyone please guide me with the difference in the IFRS filings and US GAAP Fillings, what are the major differences bewteen the same and how do I account it in my statement. Please help me. I have attached my reports
  • IFRS filings, With the convergence that is taking place, Is it important to do the financial reportings as per IFRS filings or we can still work with GAAP filings? Please guide me with this I do not understand the IFRS filings
  • Hi! My name is Albert, I do not know how to change my financial reporting from GAAP to IFRS filings, I am confused about the reporting of Goodwill, please help me
  • Hi! My name is Rena, I am stuck with the reporting of Accounts receivables as per IFRS filings, I have made a subsidiary account as per GAAP, which includes uncollectibles, please help me with IFRS filings
  • I incurred extraordinary losses this year, I accounted as per GAAP but now I need to covert it as per IFRS filings, please help me with the new filings

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