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  • I want to prepare budgeted financial statements of my organization for analysis purpose, but I am confused where to start from
  • I want to compare the stocks of two organization in which I am interested to invest my money. I have the annual reports of both the companies with me, how do I prepare analysis of both the statements I mean what to compare and how to compare.
  • I just prepared annual budget of my organization for the coming year, and while budgeting I came across a very strange point that due to cyclical nature of business I am having cash surplus during many times in the year which is lying idle in the banks. I wanted to know is it appropriate to commit the investments on the basis of the budgeted statements or not.
  • analysis of financial is a complex job, I am confused how to perform an financial analysis. I have profit and loss account, balance sheet and few other financial reports, Please tell me how to perform the financial analysis.
  • How can I use budgeting in day to day life to controll my household expense?


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