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  • Hi! I have a organization wherein 500 employees are working each on different payroll, some have fixed salary whereas some are on hourly wage system, I want to know a software wherein I can account for both the payrolls
  • Hi! I want toprepare a proper payroll accounting for my employees wherein I am able to deduct all the taxes application as per the government which includes federal taxes, state taxes, unemployment taxes. Please guide me in preparing the automated payroll
  • My name is Cecilia, I have just opened an interior designing shop, I have 10 employees who are managing the work as well as the shop, I just came across the gross and net payroll of all the employees, which was prepared by the accountant, he had deducted different taxes from the employer as well as employee's account, I have a small setup, still I need to do it? Please guide
  • I want to set a specific payroll software in my HR department where I can have proper data about the payrolls of all the employees, will People soft be a adequate software to have payroll details of all the employees?
  • I work on contract basis and have part time labour who are paid on hourtly basis, Is it important for me as a contractor to maintain proper payroll accounting transaction for all the labor I hire.
  • I have a small organization of 25 people, I have made a fixed payroll for each employee, some of the employee work more than the desired hours where I need to pay them extra for the number of extra hours worked, Do I need to include it in payroll of my book keeping accounting transactions.


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