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  • I want to start a partnerships firm with my friends, we are three friends and we want it in equal profit and loss sharing, what all procedures do I need to follow to initiate this partnerships
  • Hi! I am kave, I live in Dallas, I was having a partnership business with my friend, but unfortunately, we ended up with the partnership, how do I cater with the profits and losses to end up this partnerships? Can I convert it to sole proprietorship?
  • My name in anthony, I opened a partnerships retail firm with my friend. He manipulated the accounts and ran away with lot of money, I am not at fault and now there are creditors and bank who are claiming the debts from me, please help me how do I deal with this situation
  • I want to end the partnerships of my firm with mutual consent, Please help me with the guidelines which I need to follow to end up with the partnerships, I am working as a partner in this partnerships firm from past 12 years
  • Hi! I want to know how do I account for the formation of partnerships, what are the documents that I would need to open a partnerships firm. I will be the only partner who will be taking care of all the operations, my other partner is a sleeping partner and will just contribute finance for it.
  • Hi! I want to have a limited liability partnerships firm, I initially has unlimited liability partnership firm, I want to change it to LLC Partnerships firm, please help me with changing the partnerships firms.


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