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  • Hi! I am steven, I purchased raw material 15 days back, the credit terms stated 2/30 net 45, I have about 45000 to be paid as per accounts payable. I want to avail the credit term, but I do not have present cash, is there other way to avail discount on accounts payable
  • If I do not pay my accounts payable in the given duration as per the terms of purchase, can the company sue me for non payments. I am short of cash…………..
  • Hi! Can I buy the raw materials from the notes payable instead of taking it on accounts payable. Will I be chnarged more if I ask for notes payable as mode of payment or can I avail discount?
  • Hi! I work in an accounts payable service center where my work is to provide services to the clienst across the globe particularly for conflicts, I have just overcome a case, wherein one of the client is indulged in conflict and have raised high issues, How do I account for it
  • My name is Cristine, and I have about $234500 accounts payable of different suppliers, I do not have any cash to pay them the scheduling is more than 90 days old. I do not know how to account them, should I remove them from my debts?
  • Hi! My name is Anna, I want to make a proper scheduling account for my accounts payable which needs to be paid to diverse suppliers, I do not know how to start with my accounts payable schedule, can anyone help me here


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