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  • I am very confused in posting journal entries, every time I start a journal entry I get confused as which account should I credit and which account should I debit. My book keeping skills are very bad, pls help!
  • Hi friends, I am a salaried employee working with a Company, I hardly get time to record my expenses. Please help me in book keeping my expenses and savings.
  • Could someone please clarify for me (in a nutshell) the differences between DIY books, a professional bookkeeper having advanced book keeping skills and an accountant? All I know is, the accounting costs a lot of money!
  • I should imagine that under most situations it would involve preparing the trial balance, but what all other statements or reports would a client or an accountant require from a "basic book keeping expert"? i thinking bank reconciliation statement and such, am I missing something important?
  • I am running a saloon and i am bit confussed regarding book keeping, i want to know as to which date to enter into the accounts to record a transaction. For example..... if i have received $150 in cash and $200 in cards on the 10th oct, but the credit for the cards is transfered to my bank on the 15th, which date do i enter the sales up as?


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