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  • I am using quick books, just now due to power cut, my system is shut down and now the company is not opening, Please help!!!
  • My friend is doing book keeping of my business, so quick books is installed in his system. I am facing difficulty, as I need to make invoices in my system and then I email them to him. Is there any way to do compiltying without buying another copy of Quick Books?
  • Hey, I am a flourist and maintaining my own accounts, I have installed quick books for accountig, I was making reconciliation for second month, instead of taking closing balance of first month, its taking up opening balance of first month.Please help me as to how to set these balance. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi, I am a merchandise trader, using Quick Books Pro 2013, I have enabled the automatic tax calculator, but everytime when I entered the invoice amount, its asking for rate. Is there tool which I can enabled so that it didn’t ask fo rate again and again.
  • I want to add sales tax on material part only, is there any way in quick books that the sales tax is added to material part only. We don’t want to give bifurcation of bill amount.
  • I am a tour operator, customers paid me in advance, till now I was making the records manually. Now I just appointed a accountant to do the entry in quick books. My question is how can I get to know how much service I have provided and how much service is yet to be provided for which amount has been received?

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