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  • I have enterd wrong cheque number while making data entry in the Myob software, please tell me how to change the same?
  • Want to print invoice no 4455 from the Myob software, but whenever I give the printed command its showing an error. Please help?
  • Hi, I have been working with a book store for last three years making the records manually, now the company wants to use Myob software, I want to know which version should be used?
  • I am in the mid of an entry, want to creat a new account for accounts payable, what is the shortcut for creating new account in Myob Software?
  • I am using Myob first time, want to extract Income Expenditure reports. Please help
  • We are trying to create a journal entry standard in Myob, but its not accepting the same. Can anyone tell what is going wrong?


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