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  • Hello, I am running a retail store, and maintaining my data by using an accounting software. I am thinking to open a new store in my near by showroom. How can I merge the data of the two stores.
  • Need Help Urgently, I am a small dealer. I trade in securites for my daily trading activity I am using an accounting software. Now I need a daily sheet of my trading. I eneterd the date 1.1.2012 to 1.2.2012, but the syystem is showing error, plz help
  • I am having turnover of $ 1, 00,000 can anybody tell me which accounting software should be used for updating all my data?
  • I am having 500 employees in my company, please suggest some accounting software for maintaing employees data?
  • I am runing a multiplex, want to manage the customers entry. Please tell me whether I should use customized software or in built software.

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