How it Works

Our website functions in three simple steps:

  • Post your question

  • Pay your answer

  • Get your answer

Step 1: Post your question

You must have seen a box like this (minus those red markings!) in our homepage. This is the “Get Answer Box.” Select the domain of your question from the Area of Service. If your question is country specific, choose the country from the drop down menu in Country in Context. If you do not find the concerned country in the menu choose others. In case your question is not country specific, choose Universal affairs from the drop down menu. Select the date and time when you wish to receive the answer for your question. The Due Date and Time you fill will be treated as the deadline for your answer. Move to the Title box. Here you are required to give a title that briefs your question. Thereafter, you are required to post your detailed question on the description box. If you feel that you have documents to describe your question or documents somehow related to your question, click on “Have Files to Attach” and attach any number of files. Now, click on the “Get answer” button to post your question successfully. If you are a registered user, you are done with posting! If not, you will be prompted to fill a registration form to join us. Fill the details and your question is posted! That is pretty easy. Let’s move on to the second step…

Step 2: Pay for your answer

The second step is the payment stage. Here you have to quote the price you would like to pay to get the answer for your question. ExpertsLand has tie-ups with PayPal and EBS for the payments. Read our Privacy & Security before you start the transaction to be sure of our genuinity. The payment process is simple and common as you would have undergone while shopping online or doing some other online transactions.

Step 3: Get your answer

This is the final and the most coveted step. You get your answer from the assigned expert and you are prompted to give rating to the answer and reviews to the expert who helped you with your question. You are allowed to ask n-number of follow up questions from the expert.

So, that was how our platform works. Easy peasy!

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